John McCain on Hobbits

Recently, on the senate floor, John McCain took a stand against hobbits; and let everyone know (in no uncertain terms) exactly how he feels.

John McCain on Hobbits

... Meanwhile, on the Senate Floor.

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The Witcher 2: Fight Club

I’ve been playing the Witcher 2 since it was released last week. I find it to be really fun. Here’s a short gameplay experience that I recorded and put on youtube. Enjoy!

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Crysis 2 Sniper Gameplay

I’m playing Crysis 2 using the sniper rifle with a silencer and heavy use of stealth. Right before you take a shot it’s good to drop stealth because then you don’t use up your nanosuit power by shooting out of stealth.

I’m playing Crysis 2 on PC, on a PC that I built 4 years ago. Intel Q6600, Radeon 4870X2, 6 gigs DDR2.

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@adults: Highschool never ends?

Does anyone remember those High School days?

Do you remember the ugly side? when certain people were randomly deemed untouchable, outcast, and ostracized from the rest of the social circus? I remember people being picked on for such a silly reason as something they decided to wear, someone they held hands with, or even an uncontrollable acne problem. Do you remember when people did this to people who even craved the attention because their social situations were so bleak that they even welcomed the ridicule? Do you remember how wrong that was?

Picked on by a bullyDoesnt fit inMocked abused and mistreated

As adults, we admonish that behavior.

We look back on those high school days, and we say ” That was really wrong. They (I) shouldn’t have picked on that person”. We feel bad for those times where kids were ruthlessly attacked and picked on. We wish we would have interjected, even stuck up for those who were attacked, and slandered. We recognize this type of behavior as a sort of crude bullying, that asolecents do — and they should know better.

It reflects badly on ourselves

Even if we weren’t the instigators of cruelty, it is a reflection of our character in how we react to it. That’s why we feel regret even for not coming to the aid of those who were hurt. We know that by doing nothing, we not only contributed to hurting the victims, but we also let ourselves down and lost self respect.

We’ve grown up since then.

We’re different people now. We no longer find humor in the ridicule and scorn of others. We  no longer enjoy seeing someone mocked. We are better people now, we’ve grown up and learned that it’s not ok for a person to be the butt of every joke. Some of us have kids of our own and we try to show our kids how to treat others with kindness and stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves.

That is, until we switch on the boob tube and hear the latest antics of our favorite pariah celebrities.

So stop doing it then …

No I’m not talking to the high-school kids, I’m talking to you Mr. 6PM newscaster. I’m talking to You Miss talk show host, I’m talking to you Mr and Mrs. Parent and guardian of  the same high-school kids we admonish.

Bullied ridiculed fanatically despisedDoesnt behave the way we think she shouldActing crazy deserves to be ostracized by everyone

Stop bullying, ridiculing and  insulting the new target losers of the adult social circus.

For some inane reason, the media is picking up the torch where high school bullies left off. Declaring the new targets of ridicule and scorn. Whether it is because we forget about why we dislike this behavior or out of sheer boredom, we seem to join in the chorus of hecklers. We pay attention to the depravity of these people, and we crave more of it. We make excuses of why it’s O.K. to pick on them: “They deserve it”, “they brought it on themselves”, “they want the attention”, “They’re an adult they shouldn’t be acting that way”  etc…

Just like those poor kids who craved the negative attention in high school; for whatever reason this is happening to them, it doesn’t make it O.K. How can we teach our own kids kindness, mercy and all those virtuous qualities, if we don’t even follow them in our own arena.We are adults remember? we don’t like this behavior. We need to be the ones who stop it, we need to stop contributing to it. Just because Paris deserves it, just because Snookie wants the attention, just because Charlie brought it on himself… it’s not O.K. for us, to sink right into doing what we wish we hadn’t done in high school.

These celebrities, acting out, might be the instigators of their own scorn. They may love and crave the attention, but they also have families and children who are innocent bystanders. Even if you think these people deserve what they’re getting, can we agree that their children don’t deserve it? We’re better than this.

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Play Some Skynyrd!

Hi, I’m Jesse Greathouse and this is my wordpress blog. To get the ball rolling I’m going to give you one of my battlefield videos.

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