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Enterprise software architect based in Houston TX. Im interested in PHP, Doctrine, Zend, Symfony2 and Phing. Visit me on twitter @jessegreathouse

John McCain on Hobbits

Recently, on the senate floor, John McCain took a stand against hobbits; and let everyone know (in no uncertain terms) exactly how he feels. Advertisements

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The Witcher 2: Fight Club

I’ve been playing the Witcher 2 since it was released last week. I find it to be really fun. Here’s a short gameplay experience that I recorded and put on youtube. Enjoy!

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Crysis 2 Sniper Gameplay

I’m playing Crysis 2 using the sniper rifle with a silencer and heavy use of stealth. Right before you take a shot it’s good to drop stealth because then you don’t use up your nanosuit power by shooting out of … Continue reading

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@adults: Highschool never ends?

Does anyone remember those High School days? Do you remember the ugly side? when certain people were randomly deemed untouchable, outcast, and ostracized from the rest of the social circus? I remember people being picked on for such a silly … Continue reading

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Play Some Skynyrd!

Hi, I’m Jesse Greathouse and this is my wordpress blog. To get the ball rolling I’m going to give you one of my battlefield videos.

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